Tiffany Smith is a photographer and graphic designer originally from Miami, Florida. Vibrant and graphic, Smith’s images explore notions of identity and individuality, often focusing on subjects outside of the mainstream that are, at times, seemingly subversive or perhaps misunderstood. Through an honest and celebratory portrayal of her subjects, Smith’s images herald the strange and champion that which is a bit off kilter.

Exposed to an array of multi-cultural influences through her upbringing between Miami, Florida and Nassau, Bahamas, the experience of being a foreigner is familiar to Smith. Through an intimate disclosure of her subjects’ individual narratives, her images examine the diversity of human experience. Like a Southern grandma sippin’ sweet tea on the porch, her images always have another story to tell.

Smith has studied photography, graphic design and film production, receiving her B.A. from Savannah College of Art and Design. She counts music, hip hop culture, and her Caribbean heritage among her constant inspirations, and considers Pam Grier, Prince and John Waters deities. Smith’s work has been exhibited and published throughout the United States and she currently resides and works in Brooklyn, NY.